Road shoulders maintenance

The proper functioning of road shoulders and ditches is essential for the maintenance of the good technical condition and maximum extension of the life span of the road surface. The alignment of verges and maintenance of ditches ensures the systematic drainage of water from the road surface. This helps avert waterlogging, flooding and underwashing of road verges, as well as the formation of potholes. The result is a saving on the costs invested in road repairs.


A significant benefit of maintaining road shoulders and profiling of ditches is increased traffic safety. One of the main reasons for securing the drainage of rainwater from the road surface is to avoid the effect of Aquaplaning.



Road milling machines Dücker BF 800 and SBF 900 are used when removing soft shoulders and are more efficient alternatives to machines that are usually used for this work. These milling machines are used to remove layers of soft shoulder, for the purpose of uninterrupted flow of precipitation water from the road surface.



Thanks to the parameters and efficiency of road milling machines, there is no need for a larger traffic restriction when performing work. Work can be performed on all types of roads, even under the guard rail.


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Ducker SBF 900

DÜCKER hard shoulder milling machines permit milling the hard shoulders and loading of the cut material in a single work step at a working width of 1.25 m. Additional screws expand the working width to 1.70 or 2.10 m and make work under and behind crash barriers easier. The attached sweeping brush cleans the road in the same work step.


The SBF 900 hard shoulder milling machine is our self-propelled version. Travelling and milling take place fully hydraulically. The SBF 900 hard shoulder milling machine pushes the vehicle to be loaded ahead of it with a scanning roller. The milling machine thus determines the optimal working speed.

Daily performance: up to 6000 m