Nowadays it is impossible to perform roadworks on highways, motorways or local communication routes without the equipment for cold milling of road surfaces. Road milling machines are used for removing old or damaged layers, particularly when it is necessary to preserve the original profile grade after laying new covering layers or if it is necessary to adjust the profile grade of the road surface due to the demands placed on it by the increasing traffic.


It is also possible to use this equipment for chipping the road surface in dangerous sections, as for levelling unevenness and deformations of the surface. 


Technology of milling works

- Milling of constant thickness;
- Milling to stipulated lateral incline;
- Smoothing of lengthwise unevenness by multipoint levelling;
- Milling according to guide rope;
- Milling according to laser sensor;
- Levelling of furrows using special fine milling drum;
- Milling of local pot holes;
- Milling of channels for engineering networks;
- Complete liquidation of communication routes and surfaces;
- Grinding of existing surfaces and keeping in place – pre-milling before cold state recycling on site;

Fine milling:
Fine milling is performed using a Wirtgen miller with a coverage width of 2m with a special fine drum. The fine drum differs from standard milling machine milling drums due to its larger number of milling picks on its circuit. In this case there are 300 picks in comparison with the usual 150. This reduces the spacing in the grooving of the surface being milled. The texture of a surface milled in this manner is finer. Fine milling is suitable above all for levelling deformations of the road surface, removing soiling and correcting worn surfaces and for preparation of the surface before subsequent technologies such as hot state remix and micro-carpet, and can also be used for chipping exposed and dangerous sections of communication routes, for removing markings on the surface, on motorways, highways, local communication routes, bridges, airports and other surfaces.





Machine fleet



Small milling machines

Wirtgen W100 CFi is compact cold milling machine with the front loader in the one-metre class impresses with high performance and flexibility. The milling drum unit offers a multitude of highly useful innovative features; maximum milling depths of up to 330 mm can be achieved.
Maximum power: 345 HP
Cooling: water
Maximum milling speed: 0 to 43 m/min (2,6 km/h)
Operating weight: 19 000 kg


Large milling machines

Wirtgen W200i is compact front loader for efficient milling. The large milling machine performs excellently both on large construction sites and construction sites with limited space. The machine offers a wide range of applications including surface course rehabilitation, complete pavement removal and fine milling jobs.
Milling width standard: 2 000 mm
Milling width optional: 2 200 mm
Milling depth: 0-330 mm
Maximum power: 610 HP
Cooling: water
Maximum milling speed: 0 to 85 m/min (5 km/h)
Operating weight: 28 250 kg




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