Ditches maintenance

The proper functioning of road shoulders and ditches is essential for the maintenance of the good technical condition and maximum extension of the life span of the road surface. The alignment of verges and maintenance of ditches ensures the systematic drainage of water from the road surface. This helps avert waterlogging, flooding and underwashing of road verges, as well as the formation of potholes. The result is a saving on the costs invested in road repairs.


A significant benefit of maintaining road shoulders and profiling of ditches is increased traffic safety. One of the main reasons for securing the drainage of rainwater from the road surface is to avoid the effect of Aquaplaning.


The service we provide resides in the use of the special MULAG HS 2400 dredger, which in its performance can help avoid the aforementioned risks. Thanks to the parameters and effectiveness of the dredger, it is not necessary to impose large traffic restrictions during the performance of the works. The properties of the dredger can be applied on all types of communication roads, including in rugged urban development.


The dredger is deployed in breaking up soft shoulders and deepening new ditches. The optimum profiling of ditches and verges is attained by adapting the working dipper to the required profile, its subsequent tightening and the trimming of excess deposits. During work, the operating cabin slides out on a telescopic strut directly above the ditch or road shoulder, ensuring the best possible monitoring of the performance of the machine. Thanks to the construction of the dredger, it is possible to avoid obstacles such as trees, traffic signs and fences. The verge dipper with minimum height enables the trimming of road shoulders even beneath road crash barriers.


The MULAG HS 2400 dredger does not use any rotating implements, only cutting faces of the profiled dippers made of high quality steel. This ensures that there is no further soiling of the surrounding surfaces as occurs upon use of ditch rotary hoes. The excavated earth is placed in the tipping hopper of the dredger, which is emptied at regular intervals onto the dump trailer of a goods vehicle and transported to a landfill. Haulage of the excavated earth can thus take place continuously without breaks for waiting.

Machine fleet




The daily output of the Mulag HS 2400 ditch dredger is up to 1300 linear metres of profiled ditches per day and up to 3000 linear metres of profiled soft shoulder per day.