About us

Frekomos d.o.o. (Ltd.) is a specialized construction company for civil engineering works. It was founded by the parent company Frekomos s.r.o. which operates throughout the Czech Republic and other EU countries.
Frekomos d.o.o. was founded in Croatia in 2018 in order to upgrade its offer and the possibility of performing roadworks with its specialized technologies. The technologies offered by Frekomos contribute to reducing the amount of waste and limiting the extraction of natural non-renewable resources.
The company’s aim is to provide the investors with guaranteed quality services for a suitable price within the required deadlines.
Some of the technologies Frekomos offers are: milling of asphalt layers, soil stabilisation, cold recycling of asphalt on site, hot recycling of asphalt on site, machine laying of soft shoulders, dredging ditches, crushing of stone materials, cracks recycling, stone crushing on site and water supply.


Frekomos s.r.o. and then Frekomos d.o.o. Croatia are members of the Danish Pankas Group, which operates in Denmark, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Croatia.


The parent company Frekomos s.r.o. was established in 1994 and since 2008 has its branch office in the Slovak Republic and since 2018 in Croatia.



Područje rada



Tvrtka Frekomos d.o.o. pruža usluge na području cijele Hrvatske.



Povijest firme

Frekomos d.o.o. HR

Frekomos s.r.o. founded Frekomos d.o.o. in Croatia


Frekomos d.o.o. HR

Frekomos SK s.r.o.

Frekomos CZ establishes a subsidiary in the Slovak Republic


Frekomos SK s.r.o.

Pankas A/S

The Danish group Pankas A/S becomes majority owner of Frekomos s.r.o.


Pankas A/S

Frekomos s.r.o. CZ

Establishment of Frekomos s.r.o. in the Czech Republic


Frekomos s.r.o. CZ


The mission of Frekomos is to monitor the newest standards and application of modern technologies for the construction, reconstruction and repair of road infrastructure with the emphasis on recycling and reusing old asphalt layers of roadway cover according to the highest environmental standards, as well as all related technologies that continuously improve the quality of road traffic to the satisfaction of the final users.

The use of asphalt recycling technology reduces the use of limited natural resources (smaller amounts of new bitumen and construction aggregates), saves natural resources, reduces the amount of waste, and greatly contributes to sustainable development.


"Sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs."

Brundtland report, World Commission for Environment and Development 1987


The ISO 9001 standard is an international standard made up of the requirements that the quality management system must meet. By entering these requirements into managing business processes and fulfilling them helps companies better meet customer needs and thereby achieve their business goals.